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Willow Wooden Buttons, 12 pcs.

Willow Wooden Buttons, 12 pcs.
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Tootja: Santoro London
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Hind: 4.40€
Maksudeta: 3.67€
Santoro London / Willow Collection - Wooden Buttons, 12 pcs.
12 buttons in an assortment of sizes featuring attractive prints from SANTORO®'s Willow craft collection.

The captivating Willow craft range by SANTORO® is inspired by nature and the world of storytelling, these evocative artworks express states of mind through their portrayal of compelling female figures, harmoniously interwoven with flora and fauna, and heightened by bold colour palettes.

Offering a glimpse of secret gardens and the untamed mysteries of the heart, the artworks are a celebration of nature, beauty and femininity in visual poetry.
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