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Toilet Cubicles, Bodybuilding Clothing
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Templipadi StazOn Midi - Ganache

Templipadi StazOn Midi - Ganache
Templipadi StazOn Midi - Ganache
Kaupade grupp: StazOn Midi Ink Pads   
Tootja: Tsukineko
Kaubakood: 5494
Saadavus: 2
Hind: 3.95€
Maksudeta: 3.29€
StazOn Solvent Inkpad - Ganache, 37mm x 37mm.
- Solvent-based ink
- Mild smell
- Designed for decorating non-porous and semi-porous surfaces, such as plastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay, laminated paper, coated paper, plain paper, photo, glass, pottery, terracotta, transparencies (transparent sheet), painted surfaces
- 3 seconds (absorping surface) to 5 minutes (non-absorbing surface depending on the climate condition)
Made in Japan, Tsukneko Co.
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