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Decorative staples AZ 11

Decorative staples AZ 11
Kaupade grupp: Decorative additions  Metal embellishments   
Tootja: DP Craft
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DP Craft / Decorative staples AZ 11

Decorative stapling is a fantastic new alternative way to add fun embellishments to your card making projects. Use to trap pieces of ribbon, photo corners or layers onto your card and other papercraft projects in much the same way that you can use brads. Use a contrasting colour underneath these staples to show through the punched heart shaped holes for a great effect. The staples have a sharp prong at each of the four corners that are folded under by the stapler when stapled to your project. The front coloured part of the staples measure 21mm x 8mm. If you like using brads or eyelets then you'll love using decorative stapling!
These Decorative Staples are only for use with the Decorative Stapler. Decorative Staples do not work with any standard stapler or with the mini stapler.
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