VersaCraft Ink Pad - Sky Mist, 33x33mm
Toilet Cubicles, Bodybuilding Clothing
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VersaCraft Ink Pad - Sky Mist, 33x33mm

VersaCraft Ink Pad - Sky Mist, 33x33mm
Kaupade grupp: VersaCraft Ink Pads 
Tootja: Tsukineko
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Tsukineko® / VersaCraft® Ink Pad - Sky Mist, 33x33mm.
For fabric, paper, wood, and more !

Use VersaCraft on a variety of surfaces such as fabric, paper, wood, leather, unglazed ceramic, paper mache and shrink plastic. When stamping on fabric, heat setting is required and fabric should be pre-washed to remove sizing. VersaCraft is also great for archival scrapbooking projects due to its opacity and permanence.

Premium multi-purpose craft ink. Heat set fabric with iron for permanence. Archival. Acid-free.
Made in Japan.
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