Brilliance Pigment Ink Pad - Galaxy Gold, 3,5x5 cm
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Brilliance Pigment Ink Pad - Galaxy Gold, 3,5x5 cm

Brilliance Pigment Ink Pad - Galaxy Gold, 3,5x5 cm
Kaupade grupp: Dew Drop Ink Pads  Special Offer   Christmas Shop 
Tootja: Tsukineko
Kaubakood: 6689
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Tsukineko® / Dew Drop / Brilliance Fast-Drying Pigment Ink Pad - Galaxy Gold, 3.5 x 5 cm.
Brilliance ink is excellent for most glossy surfaces including vellum, photos, and coated papers. Brilliance is also perfect for stamping on or applying directly to ordinary paper, tissue, wood, and other porous surfaces. Fast-drying ink and rich pearlescent colors. Designed for use on shiny papers. Brilliance dries to perfection on vellum, mica, acetate, photo papers, sculpey clay, shrink plastic, and much more! Brilliance is the solution to all your tricky pigment stamping problems. Ideal for scrapbook embellishments. No smeared pages or smudged page protectors. Archival, acid free and non-toxic.
Compactly sized, with both a round end and an elongated tip, the Dew Drops are colorful, collectible and free standing.

Made in Japan.

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