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VersaFine Ink Pad - Spanish Moss

VersaFine Ink Pad - Spanish Moss
Kaupade grupp: VersaFine Ink Pads   
Tootja: Tsukineko
Kaubakood: 5461
Saadavus: 3
Hind: 6.95€
Maksudeta: 5.79€

VersaFine Ink Pad - Spanish Moss.
Tsukineko VersaFine natural oil based pigment inkpads bring out the extremely fine detail of intricate stamps and dry quickly on uncoated papers and almost instantly on matt cardstock. You are able to watercolour over the ink and it will not bleed.
The oil based ink cleans up easily with water and even acts as a conditioner for genuine rubber stamps.
VersaFine inkpads last 3-5 times longer than the average inkpad. The container has a hinged lid and is stackable.

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