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Liquid Pearls buttercup / 18 ML

Liquid Pearls buttercup / 18 ML
Kaupade grupp: Liquid Pearls    Spring Offer 
Tootja: Ranger
Kaubakood: 3758
Saadavus: 7
Hind: 2.95€ 2.07€ (30% OFF)
Maksudeta: 1.72€

Liquid Pearls by Ranger - buttercup / 18 ml .
Liquid Pearls is great for embellishing paper and fabric. Use dimensionally from the bottle, paint it on with a brush, or dilute with water for use as a glaze. Drying time varies but allow at least 2-3 hours. Pre-wash fabric before decorating, then wait 72 hours before washing. Handwash only.
acid free. non-toxic.

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