Lõikenuga Amsterdam
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Lõikenuga Amsterdam

Lõikenuga  Amsterdam
Lõikenuga  Amsterdam
Kaupade grupp: Lõiketerad  Special Offer  
Tootja: Marianne design
Kaubakood: 4132
Saadavus: 1
Hind: 10.50€
Maksudeta: 8.75€
Marianne Design Creatables - Amsterdam. 6.1 x 3.4 cm , 7.4 x 3.2 cm.
Creatables are stencils for die cutting and embossing paper. Easy and very decorative! How to use in the Cuttlebug: Use plates A & C, lay the stencils on top, lay the paper on the stencil and cover with plate B. Bigshot - use multipurpose platform and cutting pads.
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