Santoro Mirabelle Butchers Twine, 3x10 m.
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Santoro Mirabelle Butchers Twine, 3x10 m.

Santoro Mirabelle Butchers Twine, 3x10 m.
Kaupade grupp: Ribbons, Lace, Rope 
Tootja: Santoro London
Kaubakood: 7234
Saadavus: 1
Hind: 4.96€
Maksudeta: 4.13€
Santoro London / Mirabelle Collection - Butchers Twine, 3x10 m.

3 Spools of butchers twine in pink, blue and brown, displayed on charming wooden bobbins, each spool has 10 metres of twine.

Mirabelle is an enchanting collection of whimsical designs brought together in a papercraft collection. This premium collection of papers and embellishments are truly a delight to craft with.

The collection features premium papers, including the new A4 size pad, decoupage and embellishments. New embellishments in the collection include raffia ribbon metal keys & beautiful diamante cameo charms.
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