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Ink Pad Memento - Dandelion

Ink Pad Memento - Dandelion
Ink Pad Memento - Dandelion
Kaupade grupp: Memento Ink Pads     
Tootja: Tsukineko
Kaubakood: 6954
Saadavus: 4
Hind: 5.90€ 3.54€ (40% OFF)
Maksudeta: 2.95€

Memento Dandelion Ink Pad

The dye ink with lasting impressions!

Fade-resistant dye ink captures even your most intricate images
Stamped impressions once dried are water resistant and will not migrate
Dries on all paper surfaces, including coated and textured papers -- fast drying on most papers
Innovative pad results in finer impressions and exceptionally even ink coverage -- perfect for finely detailed and solid images
Available in a vast array of marvelous colors
Water-based and acid free

To prevent pad from drying out, close lid tightly and keep pad covered when not in use.

Keep out of reach of children.

Made in Japan, Tsukneko Co.

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